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May 22

Market2013 We are back from a wonderful Quilt Market. Benartex graciously shared a big corner of their booth. The quilt on the back wall is the King size Lone Star Pizzazz BOM. You can also easily see the Blue & Yellow Weaver Fever Five-r on the right. On the table are the Fat Quarter Fun ‘baskets’ of fat quarters.

May 11

2012-Pomejavich-Ice-House -wp Montana has a Quilt Barn Trail. To plan your visit and see more photos:

Both winners of the Blog Tour checked in with US addresses. For their privacy, I’m withholding their names, though you possibly saw the comment from one.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Directly on its heels is Quilt Market in Portland. The quilts are ready – patterns packaged – flyers printed – – – just need to pack it in the wagon. It’s about a 10 hour drive from here to Portland – long haul. Always great to see everyone at Market.

I’ll be home for only 2 days between Market and a Retreat at our cabin in the Yaak, so here’s an advance excuse for my silence.

I’ll head to Kalispell tomorrow to have lunch with my Mother (she’s 93) and pot flowers for her balcony. She’s certainly getting around a bit better, though I doubt she’ll get much stronger. Simply a worn out set of legs attached to bone on bone hips. On the brighter side, we all must remember how much fun she had on the golf course, wearing it all out!

May 6 – Post # 1

GRACIOUS!  It was lovely to see you all here on the Blog Tour last week.  Thank you for visiting.

Just waiting for the two winners to respond to my emails — need to know they have US addresses . . . .

April 30, 2013

See more at

What a pleasure to be participating again – this time in Volume 7 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.   See more about this magazine at:

You’ll find my Tulip Garden block on page 67.

And – I’d like to share the quilt the block was designed for — 72″ x 96″ Tulip Garden:

You’ll certainly want to follow Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour from April 29 to May 3. They have daily giveaways.

And please visit the Animas Quilts website, check out the new He Still Loves Me fabrics – then post your comment (including your favorite of my new fabrics or patterns) HERE to win a free copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks wrapped in a He Still Loves Me fat quarter. There will be two winners in the USA.

Winners will be posted here on Monday, May 6th

April 11, 2013

He STILL Loves Me! My new collection with Benartex will be introduced at Quilt Market in May. There are two color stories — blue/yellow and purple/green. Both gorgeous!

Other updates – and the reason (?) for the long silence. March became the month of Moms. After Mother had her heart issue in late Feb, my Mother in Law landed in the hospital with severe back pain. Turns out she has a compression fracture in her spine. At 90, it’s not operable, so loaded with pain pills, she’s trying to slowly recover at a care center here in Eureka. Then, my Mother landed back at the hospital with a severe UTI which sent her into la-la land. That was easily under control, BUT not walking for 4 days meant she lost her legs! So, she’s in a care center here in Eureka where she gets LOTS of PT and getting stronger. Then, MIL slipped and fell one night, breaking her wrist in two places. We’re sort of living a 3-ring circus of aging Moms. . . .

February 23

My Flower Show quilt is in the new McCall’s Quick Quilts. You can see more about it at:


NOTE:  you’ll need to copy the 2 lines above and treat it as a single line to reach the page.

Knee Update: Healing well. Not quite ready to go to a dance, but I’m walking without a cane, except on long walks, like all the way through the grocery store. Jery has been superb. Seven weeks into this knee, in all honesty, I’m a bit weary of it, even though it really hasn’t been ‘that’ big of a deal.

Extra excitement (??) last week when my Mother started feeling excessively light headed. She eventually landed at the hospital. Lots of tests determined that at 93 she has developed an afib. New meds and she’s back in her apartment.

January 18

We’re having a really mild Montana winter – so far! As turns out, I’m missing most of outdoor Montana in January because on the 8th I had my left knee replaced. Picture is the charming wrapping while my knee was being exercised in the constant motion machine. Came home on 2nd day and am improving greatly. Have the bend past 90°. The worst is actually the straightening, though that’s working, too. Stitches come out on the 21st, and then PT begins. I hear that separates the women from the girls!

Though one wouldn’t want to be without some stitching . . . Here’s a quilt for an upcoming program that will be introduced in May — VERY exciting!

January 6, 2013

Happy New Year !

Winter is largely about the furry members of our family being indoors MUCH more than in the summer. Hank sometimes goes for the quickie warm up – even when his coat is not cold. Though you can always count on a cat to show the warmest spot in the house! He’s still hunting – we find an occasional trophy, though mostly he’s staying warm. As a result, he’s adding a wee bit of weight, which is good. We worry that an Osprey or Eagle might decide he’s lunch. More bulk will protect him from the overhead grab.

Hank & Toby are back to tussling in the early evening.  I’ve GOT to remember to have a camera in hand – it’s quite a show.  Toby is 65 pounds to Hank’s 10, yet they each seem to understand the difference — and Hank doesn’t use claws.

December 1, 2012

It’s been a busy week — with the new McCall’s featuring Heart of the Home table runner


and starting a Pinterest page:

I have Toby’s new quilt pieced — hope to layer it next week.

Off to Kalispell tomorrow to celebrate Mother’s 93rd birthday.

November 27, 2012

A year ago October, a new issue of Quilters World (Dec 2011) had just arrived with this charming Pup rug by Gina Gempesaw. I was looking for something to stitch – grabbed some peach and teal batiks along with a creamy background and was off and running. I made FOUR of them — using one to back each of two – turned them like a pillowcase, and had two totally reversible rugs for Toby — one for home and one for the cabin. Before I go further, I’ve found the pattern – if you’d like to order it – on the web at:

So – now I’m back at it – again – only this time I’m making ONE – reversible again – that will finish at about 40″ x 60″ to use on the floor in our bedroom where Toby usually sleeps. I just noticed last week how incredibly darker (dirt that won’t vacuum up!) the carpet is there — all the ground in stuff he carries on his fur. I Added some in-between sized bones as it grew bigger. So – that’s what is presently on my sewing table.  Once it’s done, I’ll try to share a snapshot.

It’s SO nice to have a no-hurry stitching project, that I can jump into for a short time in between all the computer time working on a new fabric collection.

I should mention I’m working on 2014 . . . the new collection for this coming Spring is out for engraving. Still too early for me to share it – but, heads up! it’s coming.  AND – I will share as soon as I can – probably a while, still.

I’m going to try opening comments again.  They had become loaded with spam and ugly stuff – which is why I closed them.  So – we’ll see if the world has shaped up any . . .