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Spring Quilt Market & Iowa

Well . . . . here I am – TARDY again!  With always the best intentions, time disappears – totally.

Quilt Market was in Minneapolis this year – May 21-23.  Our booth was really pretty – all in the Roses, Blue version.

Barb (great helper!) has family in Wisconsin, so she flew early and enjoyed a visit.

Jery & I drove to Minneapolis.  We took a rather leisurely 3 days and drove the ‘high line’ (Highway 2 across the Northern part of Montana) to Wolf Point.  The High Line continues into North Dakota, but we dropped down so we could enter ND near Medora, where we visited the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I’d been there several years ago when teaching in Medora.  Knew Jery would like it, AND the history about Mr. Roosevelt.  We stopped at some lovely gardens along the way, enjoyed the hot tubs some evenings — other than lots of miles — took it easy.  He ‘deposited’ all the booth stuff at the convention center in Minneapolis, and headed on to Illinois to visit some favorite relatives, returning in time to see a wee bit of the show on Sunday before ‘take down.’

Monday morning we set out for Greenfield, IA, to visit friends Kathy & Gary.  Such a treat to see their home, and especially glad we saw it Monday eve and Tuesday morning.  They have some livestock, and introduced us to a new bull they named Jery . . . and a heifer named Jackie.  Hmmm.

We had a great time at their pond, and early Tuesday Kathy & I cruised in the paddle boat for a while.  Then she & I went into Winterset to see the Spool Cabinet man.  YEP —  I brought one home!

Late afternoon it started to rain, and then it absolutely POURED for over an hour.  POURED.  BLEW.  POURED.  We watched as rivers formed in their yard, racing toward the pond.  In that short downpour, they got 3-1/2″ (THREE and a HALF) of rain, causing the pond to overflow, and share most of their fish with the pond ‘next door’.  What a mess it all was.  What a storm!

We arrived home Sat. afternoon.  Sunday I went to Kalispell to see my Mother AND to pick up some large perennials for the new garden strip.  I’ll try to share that photo soon!

Retreats begin on Thursday.  Getting them packed and planting the remaining flowers (with Jer’s great help!) will keep us out of trouble today.

Packing . . . with Frank . . .

How does that song go??

My bags are packed

I’m ready to go . . .

well, almost.

I will be leaving on a jet plane – that’s for sure!

And, in all honesty, parts of this particular packing are sort of bittersweet.  You see, I believe this is Frank’s final trip with me.  Frank, you ask ??  Frank Lloyd Wright.  He has provided many years of lectures and workshops.  His hat and cape, white shirt, slacks, and tie will go on top.   And, under the Hunter’s Stars you can see, are the 18 Wright quilts that are a part of the lecture.  When we all (quilts & me) come home, a couple of those quilts will go up on our walls.  I truly love them, and they match our decor.

Today is filled with writing and illustrating a couple of new patterns.  And packing.  AND — the sun is OUT again —  this makes 3 days in a row!

A week on the Beach


It’s back to work, but now it’s with a sunburn for a terrific reminder. Jery & I & our friends walked the beach, enjoyed the pool, saw some ruins, enjoyed margueritas, did minimal shopping, ate fabulous Mexican food, and RELAXED.  We played in the Ocean, found sand in amazing places, failed at internet contact, excelled at playing, visited an iguana reserve, avoided the creepy things, snapped up close and personal photos of colorful parrots, saw whales, sand pipers, vultures, little white breasted birds, and pelicans skimming the waves.  Such a lovely mid-winter treat!

$2,000 for Susan G Koman Cure Fund!

WFFuchsia2At the Pacific International Quilt Show — Saturday eve — Show & Tell session, I started a ‘one hour only’ Raffle for this quilt.  All the other teachers jumped in with additional books, fabric, tools, patterns, etc.  We had QUITE a collection of treasures.

As show & tell proceeded, Sharon Pederson and I sold $5. tickets to the attendees.  Many purchased more than one.

All told – we received $930.

THEN !!  Peter & David Mancuso (show owners) said they would round it up to an even $1,000.

AND THEN!!  They (Peter & David) DOUBLED IT!!

$2,000. for the Susan G Koman Cure Fund!!

Trip Across Canada

Not really wanting to be silent, I found myself with limited email as well as I ‘was on vacation’ for the past couple of weeks.  Then returned home

DomeCar with lots to do (more on that in the next day or two).  For now, let me just mention that Jery & I took the Canadian ViaRail most of the way across Canada —  played a few days — and returned on the train.  We left from Kamloops, BC.

It took us a long 11 hours to get there from Eureka . . . we had chosen the windy ‘scenic’ route.  Three whole days of scenery in the ‘bubble’ car, and a sleeper cabin, and really GOOD food. . . to reach Toronto, where we met up with our friends from Iowa, Kathy & Gary.  waterfallWe switched to a ‘day’ train to Montreal, then overnight on the ‘Ocean’, a newer train, with newer, and somehow smaller, cabins.  We got off in New Brunswick, picked up a car, and headed to Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton.

Terrific hiking.  Lots of trails to choose from, and LOTS of laughs with our friends.  When we rounded the bend and saw the sign for a distillery, the car (magically driven by Gary) automatically turned in!  It was indeed a good tour, and here you can see our fellas literally getting a snoot full.


From Nova Scotia we ferried to Prince Edward Island, visited some lighthouses, went to Anne’s Land, and found a great beach for walking . . . .  plus seafood.  Jery felt he’d earned Crab Legs since he’d tolerated 4 nights on the train .. cramped, noisy, jiggly . . . .  I thought it just rocked like a cradle!


Back to New Brunswick over the Confederation Bridge – a 12 km span – amazing!  Then back to the train, to begin our 4 night journey home.

Definitely the nutshell version of the trip.  Train travel is leisurely.  Really nice to not be chasing through airports, and to see everything between here and there.  You ought to try it!