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And . . . the stitching continues

PP-LPtIt’s been a true marathon of stitching!  By Thursday eve we had completed TWO tops — Weaver Fever and Peppermint Paws.  Both found a ride to a pair of quilters in Idaho on Friday, as we proceeded on Lone Star and Hoagy.  The Idaho team of quilters really came through!  Both quilts will return home today, with the same driver who took them, on his return trip!

Marie Blunk has been here helping.  She has been terrific to have on the team, though leaves this morning.  Jery will take her to Kalispell . . . she gets to see the Kalispell Quilt Show before her hubby fetches her there.  And Jer will hang around long enough to bring my quilts home from the show, as well as deliver quilts to 2 Kalispell quilters.LS-LRose

Me ??  Well, I’ll be here stitching.  Equinox is nearing completion, and must be done today so it can go to Nebraska via Fed Ex on Monday.

And the girls who design for us are working the same way!  It’s coming together, and will be a beautiful display.

ALL can be seen on the web page, thanks to fabulous options within Photoshop, so take a peek . . .  at the quilts and the amazing new fabric!

Back to stitching . . . . .

About to Begin Stitching . . .

swatchtestIt’s the Night Before ROSES Fabric, and all through the house . . . . .

the cutting table is empty,

sewing area is tidy,

trash cans are empty,

lots of water for the iron,

and personal pressing is done.  New patterns are printed.  Cutting info is at hand . . . .  just waiting, with baited breath .. for the Fed Ex truck to appear with yards and pounds of my new Roses fabrics — via air, straight from the mill in Asia.

We have a WHOLE week to piece 13 projects! WFRose Included are remakes of 5 ‘old’ friends, two shown here.  Plus 8 NEW patterns.  Barb, Kay, Mischele, and Dellora have been joined by Debbie, with her first design for Animas Quilts.

Lori heads my stitching team with fabulous help from Kathern, Carol, Marie,  and Jane.

The Quilters are ready to roll.

Let the games begin . . . .

Trip Across Canada

Not really wanting to be silent, I found myself with limited email as well as I ‘was on vacation’ for the past couple of weeks.  Then returned home

DomeCar with lots to do (more on that in the next day or two).  For now, let me just mention that Jery & I took the Canadian ViaRail most of the way across Canada —  played a few days — and returned on the train.  We left from Kamloops, BC.

It took us a long 11 hours to get there from Eureka . . . we had chosen the windy ‘scenic’ route.  Three whole days of scenery in the ‘bubble’ car, and a sleeper cabin, and really GOOD food. . . to reach Toronto, where we met up with our friends from Iowa, Kathy & Gary.  waterfallWe switched to a ‘day’ train to Montreal, then overnight on the ‘Ocean’, a newer train, with newer, and somehow smaller, cabins.  We got off in New Brunswick, picked up a car, and headed to Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton.

Terrific hiking.  Lots of trails to choose from, and LOTS of laughs with our friends.  When we rounded the bend and saw the sign for a distillery, the car (magically driven by Gary) automatically turned in!  It was indeed a good tour, and here you can see our fellas literally getting a snoot full.


From Nova Scotia we ferried to Prince Edward Island, visited some lighthouses, went to Anne’s Land, and found a great beach for walking . . . .  plus seafood.  Jery felt he’d earned Crab Legs since he’d tolerated 4 nights on the train .. cramped, noisy, jiggly . . . .  I thought it just rocked like a cradle!


Back to New Brunswick over the Confederation Bridge – a 12 km span – amazing!  Then back to the train, to begin our 4 night journey home.

Definitely the nutshell version of the trip.  Train travel is leisurely.  Really nice to not be chasing through airports, and to see everything between here and there.  You ought to try it!