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Seeing IS Believing !

JeryComputer I gave Jery an iPod for Christmas. The main reason was so he could put his favorite records and cassettes on it (actually the separate tunes from each) and have old favorite music available. So, picture this: right now he’s out in his office, sitting in front of my laptop, deleting some of the music I had put in it before Christmas. You know — we don’t like EVERY song on each CD, tape, and he’s deleting the ones he doesn’t like. Really HAD to get a pic of this!! Then, shortly he’ll begin recording the selected cassettes INTO the laptop (software package makes it easy). He’s  — doing it! No rings on his finger NOR bells on his toes, but he shall have music wherever he goes!

Christmas 2009

MissKitty1209 Miss Kitty moved to Kalispell on Christmas Eve, where she’ll hopefully have a better life style, living with my parents. She’s so calm and loving – undoubtedly the sweetest cat I’ve EVER known, and my folks will enjoy her immensely!

We had a lovely Christmas in Kalispell . . . such a blessing to have all 3 parents close by and with us. I’m really enjoying the opportunity (time!) to cook again — and fixed Prime Rib with a special glaze for Christmas dinner in Mother’s cozy kitchen. Tasty trimmings.

Blog SILENCE Being Broken

Jery & I watched Julie & Julia last night – which I adored, and he snored. And that movie reminded me that I hadn’t posted here in way too long, and that trend needs to be corrected.

So ?? Why have I been so quiet? What’s been going on ?? Family. Work. Thanksgiving — I know – that was weeks ago! – work, soldier stuff . . . . . . in general, simply life.

We had Thanksgiving dinner here. My folks arrived on Wed afternoon. Jer’s Mom came Thursday morning, earlier than we’d expected her! She went back to Kalispell shortly after our mid-day dinner. While here, my parents fell in love with Miss Kitty. Kitty1 We had adopted her from the Animal Shelter last Spring. She came with a couple of ailments and a huge purr, incredibly sweet disposition, and a charming old lady pear shape. Someone had simply dropped her over the fence at the Shelter, so they don’t know from whence she came. We’ve speculated that she lived with someone elderly who either went into a care facility or died, and the ‘family’ disposed of Miss Kitty – over the fence. She appears to have never been mis-treated, is very calm and loving, and has a motor MUCH loader than her Meow (which we can barely hear). She’s quite simply a sweet old lady. So – back to Mother & Daddy. They haven’t had a cat since shortly after I left for college, and they are about to have Miss Kitty. She needs to live where she can ALWAYS stay in (never need to set her tootsies in the snow again – we don’t think she’s ever been in it before from the way she acts) and bring joy to her new family. We need a younger, active cat to contain the small wildlife. Miss Kitty is moving to Kalispell next Monday, the 14th. I really believe they will all THREE be delighted.  And, we’ll miss her immensely, though this is truly a ‘trial’ setup.  If it doesn’t work out for all three of them, we’ll bring her back to Eureka.