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My Dad is 91 !

Daddy91 Jery & I spent a lovely day with our parents – in Kalispell – on Sunday, the 24th.  It was my Dad’s 91st birthday.

When we arrived, Daddy was really tired, though he soon perked up.  Then, I realized that becuse we were going to be there, he’d missed his late morning nap.

My Mother and Jer’s Mom were with us also, and as we were enjoying lunch, Daddy even cracked a joke — probably the first I’ve heard in nearly 3 years!  So, it was a FABULOUS day!  MKit12510

Part of why I believe he’s doing so well is Miss Kitty.  Remember?  She moved there at Christmas, so now it’s a month later and she is ruling the roost!  NEVER before has a cat – in their home or mine – been permitted to lie on furniture.  Simply a house rule . . .  animals on the floor – or a lap.  But look where she is!  As I saw her leap to the chair, I responded by yelling, scoulding.  Mother laughed.  Said, it really was fine —  that she’s so sweet she can go wherever she pleases!  Talk about the Life of Riley!

Anyway — she’s good for them, and they are good for her, so it’s a total love affair there.

The day began with a light snow, which turned into bright sun before we headed home.

A lovely day!

A week on the Beach


It’s back to work, but now it’s with a sunburn for a terrific reminder. Jery & I & our friends walked the beach, enjoyed the pool, saw some ruins, enjoyed margueritas, did minimal shopping, ate fabulous Mexican food, and RELAXED.  We played in the Ocean, found sand in amazing places, failed at internet contact, excelled at playing, visited an iguana reserve, avoided the creepy things, snapped up close and personal photos of colorful parrots, saw whales, sand pipers, vultures, little white breasted birds, and pelicans skimming the waves.  Such a lovely mid-winter treat!