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Sunday at Salmon Lake

A small snapshot of the stitching area. We are 13, and it’s truly been an amazing weekend becoming acquainted with this fabulous group of women.

We’ve stitched (a huge collection of quilts have been completed!), laughed, visited, and we enjoyed really good food!  Evenings with the sound of sewing machines in combination with the Olympics, all stopping for some events.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, which helps with the dismay of packing up and out.  The fellow with the ATV will arrive soon, to ferry all our stuff back across the ice to the parking area, and we’ll sadly part company.  I’m SO fortunate to have been invited – – – they are fabulous!

Friday at Salmon Lake

This is an incredible place! Gorgeous. We’re looking south from the deck off the back – this morning.

It’s been a stitching day. I’m quilting the Iola Mustang quilt. . . . slow.

And enjoying the new friendships. This afternoon 3 of us strapped on the snowshoes and struck out across the lake to the island you you barely see in this photo. Absolutely divine, and amazing how much effort, in snowshoes, it takes to slog through snow – on ice.

Now, the sun is setting, I’m still working on the same quilt, the delicious nachos are history, and somehow I’m thinking about the next food – dinner . . . .

Preparing to Retreat !

It’s certainly a LOT of work to get ready for a retreat ! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m packing for a teaching trip to Chicago – BUT – before I leave I’m going to a retreat with one friend (and 11 soon to be new friends) at a lodge on an island on Salmon Lake — a bit south of the town of Seeley Lake, MT.

So — the machine is cleaned and packed, and I’m pin basting because my table is the right height!  Then have 2 other projects getting lined out —  it’s 4 days / 3 nights of quilt FUN!

This quilt is a 39″ square designed for my High School (yes – it’s been a LONG time).  I had my arm twisted.  The idea is to have folks sign it for the next 3-4 years — i.e. the classes of the early 60’s.  Then, I’m also making a lap size with 7 mustangs (you’ll see it later) that can be raffled.  Hoping to raise enough $$ to hand the school a nice ‘gift’ and this signed wall quilt. To sign it, they’ll need to be prepared to fork over some moo-la- just for the privilege, which will also get them ONE raffle ticket.

I have packed a camera — and posts will be dependent on access.

Oh yes – also packing my snow shoes.  I hear there’s snow – there!

Packing . . . with Frank . . .

How does that song go??

My bags are packed

I’m ready to go . . .

well, almost.

I will be leaving on a jet plane – that’s for sure!

And, in all honesty, parts of this particular packing are sort of bittersweet.  You see, I believe this is Frank’s final trip with me.  Frank, you ask ??  Frank Lloyd Wright.  He has provided many years of lectures and workshops.  His hat and cape, white shirt, slacks, and tie will go on top.   And, under the Hunter’s Stars you can see, are the 18 Wright quilts that are a part of the lecture.  When we all (quilts & me) come home, a couple of those quilts will go up on our walls.  I truly love them, and they match our decor.

Today is filled with writing and illustrating a couple of new patterns.  And packing.  AND — the sun is OUT again —  this makes 3 days in a row!

We’ve joined
If you haven’t visited there yet, you might want to take a look! It’s quilters and their blogs – – – the best of them!

Is Silence really SO golden ??

All right, my friends! I made this commitment (are there 2 t’s and 2 m’s? or 2 m’s and 1 t ??) that I would post more often — and hoping for some interaction. . . . . GEEZ! You are silent .

So – – – – flew home today from Arizona. It was one of the best trips ever. I saw FRIENDS, and had dinners with FRIENDS, and loved every minute. My quilting friends are the BEST!   Then, jumped on the big metal bird and winged my way home where I was gloriously met by JERY!! What a wonderful surprise. You know, I miss that man SO much when I’m gone, and manage to do such a wonderful job of getting under his skin when I’m home . . . . . how do we find the BEST happy medium ?? He had steaks thawing. We stopped in Whitefish at the grocery — found spinach (my FAV lunch – with strawberries – found them, too) and asparagus, so we had a feast tonight — one of thos low effort, as good as it gets, feasts.  With Holandaise.  Oh . . .  yummy.

Movie tonight was called Kitt Kittredge.  Clean fun.  Absolutely pristine language, and a sweet and simple story.  Very Disney-ish.  Good.

Bedtime came.  Read a while.  Lights out.  Eyes wide OPEN !  Head wrapped around all the stuff I get (need) to do in the next 3 days, and sleep was out of the question.

So, here I am, thinking of you.  Maybe a couple of glasses of Zin will help induce sleep??    And sweet dreams about the lovely trip to Phoenix and visits with terrific friends!

Tell Me What you Think !

Of course, it’s no surprise that Animas Quilts wants to deliver the best possible product to you. So . . . . share with me, please. What would you like ? Our strength is in good design with good instructions so you have something that ‘sparkles’ when it’s done. What can we do to make it better for you ??  You are welcome to add comments here – maybe begin a thread that others will add to — or you can ‘e’ us directly by using the Contact button at the top of the blogs . . . . .

Teaching in Phoenix

I diligently packed my camera, and took the nicest photo yesterday morning of the full classroom, with all the bright wide-awake quilters, and VERY neat tables. Then, a bit later in the day the photo of how it looked shortly after we started. Back in my room last night, and DRATS! I failed to pack the download cable. Searched every nook and cranny on my aging laptop – there’s definitely not a card reader built in . . . . I simply cannot post the wonderful before and after photos! Double DRATS!

We’re in a 2 day Mystery, so none of my photos from today will ever make it on line – I wouldn’t spoil the mystery for anyone else.

So, words will need to do the story here.  It’s sort of an ‘old home’ class.  From my years of living in Durango, Arizona is a close neighbor.  Several here have been with me in retreats in Colorado and New Mexico over the years.  We’re having a great visit.  There are also two quilters from Kansas, both living quite near where I grew up.  I most certainly knew where they were from.  It’s a terrific group of quilters (of course! they ARE quilters . . .) and we’re having fun with the Hoagy Carmichael mystery.

Design a Quilt Block Contest

I’m totally floored that I’ve failed to mention the ‘Do You Have What it Takes to be a Pattern Designer?’ Contest. And, of course, your reply is YES — you DO have what it takes – absolutely! This is really a fun contest, using my Split Stripe from the Roses collection.

It’s non-threatening, and probably something you’d REALLY like to do!

ALL the details on right here – on the web page at

How much more absent-minded can I be ??  ARGH!

Bevin’s Visit

BevMother1:10 It was REALLY a LOVELY weekend! Our daughter, Bevin, was here. Mostly we cooked — and she also ‘decorated’ a t-shirt for a Super Bowl party. Cooked! All of Sat. afternoon was in the kitchen, beginning with cookies, and then moving on to Boeuf Bourguignon. Absolutely the BEST Stew I’ve EVER enjoyed. Worth the effort – every bit of it!

On Sunday afternoon we headed to Kalispell for a visit with Bevin’s grandparents. Here she is with my Mother . . . visiting.

And — we also got to see Miss Kitty. She’s SO sweet.

It was really a LOVELY weekend!