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Blue Ribbon !

My friend Deb Tribble and I won a lovely BLUE ribbon at the Dallas Quilt Show last weekend in the 2-person master category for our Montana Feathered Star. It’s my piecing and Deb’s incredible quilting!

I’m totally thrilled.  A few years ago I had a short list of three things I hoped to accomplish in my Quilting Career.  I remember achieving the first two.  The third was “win a ribbon – any color – in a respectable show”.  BINGO.

Deb lives sort of across the road from us.  She is a magnificent long arm quilter, obviously, as well as a good friend I enjoy walking with (we’ve gotta get back on that schedule!)  and doing other ‘stuff’ together.

Jack Robinson

We lost my Dad on March 17th. He wasn’t in pain. Daddy was a special man. He was gentle and caring. I was so fortunate to be with him so much in the final few days, and in the past 3 years. He shared a few ‘new’ stories and I heard some of the old ones a time or two more . . . the new ones were really special. We’ll all miss him.

My two adult children will join us in a week.  Daddy was an incredible bridge player —  won the last four times he played, too.  And, until a few years ago, quite the golfer.  His desire was to have his ashes scattered on a beautiful golf course.  His wish is our command.

Back in Eureka

Daddy was dismissed from the hospital today to what is called ‘comfort care’.  We’ve brought him to the Good Samaritan Home here in Eureka.  Mother is with us.  We’ll be visiting him daily, and she graciously has allowed this to happen in Eureka.

Best Laid Plans . . .

All my resolutions of posting more frequently went out the window last week. I failed to take my camera – apparently – and with the busy week of teaching, lost track of time.
BUT — when I finally arrived back in Kalispell at midnight on Sunday (instead of the planned 1:30 pm!) I found BOTH of my parents seriously ill.
Long story short – Mother has pneumonia though is staying at home. She’s improving gradually – WHEW! Daddy has at least four internal battles he’s fighting – and he’s in the hospital. When they release him, he’ll move to a care center.

Therefore, I’ve already broken my resolution, and promise it’ll stay broken for a while – until things settle down a bit here.

I’m in Kalispell, keeping an eye on them both.

Tuesday – heading to Chicago

I’m on my way to Chicago! Get to spend almost 2 whole days with cousin Linda before heading to the guild job there.

My day with my folks in Kalispell became fuller than I’d anticipated. Seems there’s a bit of a flu bug floating around, and Daddy managed to get it on Sat. Sort of the 24 hour variety, but it sure did manage to upset my Mother. Even more so when she caught it, too! So, I spent most of yesterday scrubbing, washing, scrubbing, washing . . . . and HOPE that all my hand washing, and the cleaning fluids I undoubtedly inhaled, will save me from the Revenge! At least I left there knowing the bathroom and kitchen are spotless! Mother was feeling pretty good by mid afternoon.