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Between rain showers – – – here we are in today’s Rendezvous Parade — promoting our Featured Quilter for ’10 for the Eureka Montana Quilt Show — August 7th this year.

A windy day – kind of chilly – and my EMQS shirt ended up being the windshield wiper, since to turn them on would have disturbed the wonderful paper flowers!

I think this was the first time in age that I’ve actually driven with ‘clutch power’ . . .  i.e. so slow and in 1st gear – we simply moved forward when I’d release the clutch a bit.  Was fun, eh??

The Blue Roses Sweat Shop

The fabric arrived around 1 pm on Monday. Jery & I had gone into town to meet Neil, the nice Fed Ex guy. Home with the fabric, and Lori joined me shortly as we cut the chunks for all of our ‘designers’ to ship or have picked up by them. By 5 pm they’d been here, or were boxed, and Lori and I had pre-cut the pieces of most of the patterns we were stitching here.
Tuesday morning – 9 am – Lori, Marilyn & Florence arrived and the stitching began. Actually, Kathern had stopped by earlier and picked up her fabric and stitched while she handled phones at her brother’s business. She joined us for ‘real’ early afternoon.

We shipped two out on Wednesday – to the quilters – and the remaining 3 went Thursday. DONE.

Well, almost. I have a small project I’ll quilt here, and then all the bindings as they roll back through, and the booth drapes . . .

It’s really hard to call this work . . . . .

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

It’s ALMOST HERE! The NEW Split Stripes (2 of them!) and all the Blue versions of the incredible Roses — have cleared customs and ought to be on with local FedEx driver today. Neil is a really nice guy – and I’ll phone his cell shortly to arrange to meet him when he arrives at the south end of our valley. 73 pounds of New BLUE ROSES!

Then, it’s cut, cut, cut and phone the local designers to come for theirs as well as ship Mischele’s to Tennessee.

An exciting day!

You can see them all — including the new patterns we’ll be stitching – on our web page.  Go to Fabrics, then Roses. . . . .   and then to the Online Store and New Spring ’10 Patterns in Roses . . . .

OH — Happy Day!  Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Bull River Retreat

Barb & I returned to Bull River Guest Ranch in BC this past weekend to join the Cranbrook quilters for another wonderful time together. The chef was again in fabulous form — and we stitched and ate – royally!

I’m still waiting on my new fabric to arrive —  hopefully I’ll see it later this week.  Here I’m working on the blocks in the new quilt, Three Cheers, that don’t have any of the new fabric in them.

And I put the outer border on the lap quilt I’ve made as a fund-raiser for my high school – in Kansas.

It was a great get-away!


Do you know about the online magazine, Quiltposium? It has great articles (some by me, of course! ) and info and links to lots of downloadable patterns. You can read it on line, print whatever part you wish, and simply enjoy!   Shown here is the cover of the Spring edition.    You’ll find it at

I’m working on articles for the Summer issue this afternoon, which reminded me that I’d failed to share this before now.

I swear — I need lots of strings on my fingers some days!

Cindy’s Wedding

This is Lori Marvel’s lovely daughter, Cindy.  She was married last night in a beautiful ceremony.  Such a lovely Bride!  Lori has been really busy.  She made Cindy’s gown, plus the three bridesmaids, and two flower girls.  I rather suspect she did the lion’s share of the planning, also.

OOPS! I’m behind again . . .

Once again – no photos. GEE! I DO need to dust off the camera!

There truly hasn’t been much time to think about anything, except trying to stay on top of things.  Last weekend both of my adult children, Serge and Bevin, came.  We spent the weekend here in Eureka, including Miss Kitty with Mother.  It was a really terrific visit.  Lots of memories shared, etc.  I really hated to see them go!

Raced home from the airport on Monday to try to complete the math part of the new patterns for Spring Quilt Market.  I have a really neat new ‘twist’ to my Split Stripe premiering this Spring.  In another week or so, I’ll begin sharing that with you.   For now, I can only mention we have a new line up of patterns that I’m deep into writing and illustrating.

In fact, I really shouldn’t even take the time out right now to write this little note, so with this short ‘teaser’ in place, I’ll bid you adieu for a few more days!

Oh — one other thing – – some of my quilting friends know Lori, my fabulous stitching and retreat helper.  Tomorrow evening her daughter Cindy is getting married.  Lori made the gown, and has been mighty busy getting ready.  Maybe I’ll remember to take a camera to the wedding.