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I REALLY don’t TRY to not write . . . .

It’s just that everything else seems to always get in the way . . . . Before I tell you about these two photos, I’d like to mention that my annual Quilt Retreats (2 of them – back to back) were from June 3 – 9. We had a grand time, and I do have some dandy photos of our instantaneous Outdoor Quilt Shows during each event — BUT — they are in my laptop . . . so maybe another day.

AFTER the retreats, I was home for ONE full day, and then Jery & I took off for an extended weekend trip. We returned home on Tuesday eve and spent the next 3 days catching up! Now it’s Saturday, and we’re back in forward motion.

Jer& I went to the local car show today.  They really put on a dandy show.  We love looking at the muscle cars full of memories, and the Vintage ones, plus a handful of newer wheels.  I took this photo of the ’67 Camaro just because it had a good memory land trip.  I bought a ’67 Camaro (hard top) on Sept 29, 1966 — the day the came out.  The very first camaros.  Mine was gold.  It was really HOT, and I drove it for 13 years, until the rust under the floors became a worry.

Then, once back home, I snapped this shot of my new perennial border garden.  A handful of the plants pouted briefly, though ALL are happy now.  We’ve had a few continuous days of rain.  Tomorrow I’ll dress for the ‘mud’ and pull some healthy weeds!

Spring Quilt Market & Iowa

Well . . . . here I am – TARDY again!  With always the best intentions, time disappears – totally.

Quilt Market was in Minneapolis this year – May 21-23.  Our booth was really pretty – all in the Roses, Blue version.

Barb (great helper!) has family in Wisconsin, so she flew early and enjoyed a visit.

Jery & I drove to Minneapolis.  We took a rather leisurely 3 days and drove the ‘high line’ (Highway 2 across the Northern part of Montana) to Wolf Point.  The High Line continues into North Dakota, but we dropped down so we could enter ND near Medora, where we visited the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I’d been there several years ago when teaching in Medora.  Knew Jery would like it, AND the history about Mr. Roosevelt.  We stopped at some lovely gardens along the way, enjoyed the hot tubs some evenings — other than lots of miles — took it easy.  He ‘deposited’ all the booth stuff at the convention center in Minneapolis, and headed on to Illinois to visit some favorite relatives, returning in time to see a wee bit of the show on Sunday before ‘take down.’

Monday morning we set out for Greenfield, IA, to visit friends Kathy & Gary.  Such a treat to see their home, and especially glad we saw it Monday eve and Tuesday morning.  They have some livestock, and introduced us to a new bull they named Jery . . . and a heifer named Jackie.  Hmmm.

We had a great time at their pond, and early Tuesday Kathy & I cruised in the paddle boat for a while.  Then she & I went into Winterset to see the Spool Cabinet man.  YEP —  I brought one home!

Late afternoon it started to rain, and then it absolutely POURED for over an hour.  POURED.  BLEW.  POURED.  We watched as rivers formed in their yard, racing toward the pond.  In that short downpour, they got 3-1/2″ (THREE and a HALF) of rain, causing the pond to overflow, and share most of their fish with the pond ‘next door’.  What a mess it all was.  What a storm!

We arrived home Sat. afternoon.  Sunday I went to Kalispell to see my Mother AND to pick up some large perennials for the new garden strip.  I’ll try to share that photo soon!

Retreats begin on Thursday.  Getting them packed and planting the remaining flowers (with Jer’s great help!) will keep us out of trouble today.