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Vacation and Quilt Show

Jery & I headed to the Oregon Coast for a vacation on Sept 9th.  With friends, we’d rented a vacation house ON the ocean near Waldport.  Absolutely GORGEOUS setting.  We found a handful of hiking trails, had a windy walk along the beach, visited harbors and museums, etc.  All the vacation stuff designed to help us relax.  REALLY nice.  The drive home was a bit more challenging.  We drove into one of those rain storms that is delivered in sheets.  Trying to get through Spokane, we pulled off twice because we couldn’t see through the rain.  Again, pulled over near Athol, ID, and after that one we decided we really weren’t in TOO much hurry to get home.  Spent the night in Bonners Ferry, ID, and drove on home – in the rain – on the 20th.

Home just 3 days and off to Kalispell for their annual quilt show, where I vended.  It’s been TWELVE years since I vended at a retail event.  TWELVE.  It took his pickup and my wagon to get all this stuff loaded, as well as a bundle of quilts I had for their show.  The best part was visiting with my Kalispell – and other – quilting friends.

I’m working on some new designs – AND – we’ll head back to the Yaak on Friday.  I understand our roack and boulder pile has grown (from the drain field for the septic), so I’ll take the camera!

Boulders & Toby

Here’s a picture of a VERY HAPPY pup. Toby has discovered that the Yaak property is ‘his’, and when we get there, he bounds out of the pickup and runs in circles, leaping and bounding, like a total goofus. This shows him catching a breath between those circular excursions. Toby is 6 years old, 100 % love and reasonably worthless as a watch dog.  He’s difficult to capture with a camera —  just doesn’t stand still long enough.  I’ve discarded easily 90% of the photos I’ve tried to take of him —  they are blurry from his motion.

Yesterday began in Kalispell where we’d spent the night with our Moms.  We were up and out the doors (we each stay with our own Mom) by 6 am and home early.  Switched vehicles, loaded the hitch

and headed to the Yaak to fetch the Camp trailer.  It has a leak!  ARGH!  Will be easier to find and fix the leak at home.

The hole for the septic system was dug by the time we arrived.  See those boulders??  They will be the beginning of a rock fence along the road . . . .  now we know why all the folks along that road have rock fences!  When he digs the leach field, the fence will grow, and even more once we dig for a foundation in a year – or so!

GEE! I’m in TROUBLE with some of you . . .

I’ve not been trying to avoid you – and quite frankly, I’m floored that it’s been 2-1/2 months since I last posted.  It’s been a wonderful summer in Montana . . . not too hot.  We’ve stayed really busy, and absolutely HAPPY!

In early July we went to BC to help our outfitter friends move the shower house from it’s previous location to a spot adjacent to the main cabin. While the guys were busy with lots of other chores, Marilyn & I painted the cabin floor. The shower house was coaxed and rolled to its new location on logs, with the assistance of being pulled or pushed by a work-horse jeep. Then, re-connected, and it’s absolutely dandy in its new location. I suspect the hunters there this Fall will like it in its new, warmer location.

Jery went looking for a good fishing hole to share with company coming in mid-July.  He found a fabulous stream, perfect for fly fishing (assuming there’s something in it to catch a fly) and also found a property that made him salivate. A few days later we were both there looking at it, and our negotiations began. We’d been looking for an investment parcel, and this is hopefully perfect because we can absolutely enjoy it while it’s value hopefully increases.

August 7th was our 6th Annual Eureka Montana Quilt Show.  The final 2 weeks (PLUS!) before the show are packed full with preparations.  It’s an outdoor show.  The Goddess of Weather definitely likes quilts as it was the only dry day in a string of 10 or so wet ones.  A gorgeous show.  And . . . . drum roll . . . my final one as ‘chair’.  I’ll remain on the steering committee, and let Carol be in charge!

A week later, three friends & I went to Trout Creek, MT to enjoy their Huckleberry Fest.  Really a fun time together, and Huckleberry Cheesecake is outstanding!

During May & June (and some July and August), I’ve been working on a quilt project designed to help brand new quilters have a positive experience while making a special quilt for an off-to-college off-spring, or a parent moving into an Independent Living situation, or ?????  It allows the quilter to select between 14 ‘tops’ and 8 borders that are interchangeable – to make a special quilt – possibly in school colors.  Go! Team!  It’ll be released by FabShop soon.  In addition to all the writing and illustrating, I enjoyed stitching 3 samples.

On August 16th we acquired the property in the Yaak region of NW Montana.  If you are curious, I have a web page for it     We started looking for a small camp trailer to park there while we’re working.  Jer looked at several, and I found one a bit south of Kalispell while visiting Mother.  With the help of a construction worker across the street from the seller, we hitched its stabilizer hitch to my wagon and I hauled it home.  Scrubbed, cleaned, soaked, etc and 3 days later it was set up at the Yaak property where we’ve been the past two weekends, cleaning up the property.  We go on Friday morning and home on Sunday.  Jer’s busily cutting noxious plants so they can be effectively sprayed and eliminated.  I’m building four mammoth ‘burn piles’ for October.  LOTS of fallen timbers.  We’re heading back there this weekend, and looking forward to friends going also.

So —  whew!  needed to check in.  It’s been a fabulous summer!