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Party Time

We’ve had quite a time staging a surprise lingerie shower for our friend, Kathern, who will be getting married on New Year’s Day. Finally pulled it off last night.  Pictured are Kathern on the left, then Marilyn and Kay.  Not shown are Carol, Debbie & myself.   Since this is a public forum, I won’t show the contents of the packages, though I do believe the groom would approve!

Those DANG Rodents!

They rebuilt! In just 5 days, the Beavers have once again dammed up the river and sent water into the now-found coves! DANG! RATS! ARGH!! We honestly had expected them to rebuild, but had no idea they would be so fast / so effective! Therefore – Plan B – – – we met today with a trapper. . . .learned that Beaver pelts haven’t much value right now, though a bit more in the Spring, when they are fuller / thicker. Plan B!

Undamming the Dam

It was quite a day today in the Yaak. We made it just a short day trip. Met the excavator who dug a 7 ft deep hole next to where the well will go – and filled it back in. Needed to know we could connect a water line to the well — boulder-free. Then – he took his rig to the river, and I rather suspect those Beaver are plenty angry with us.  They had made the dam nearly a foot higher than last week!  It took about an hour for the river to find its proper level, which also meant we can finally ‘ford’ the river where we are supposed to. . . . . . Hmmm. Well driller came, too. So, we’re all set for him to begin.

Boulder ‘ART’

We went back to the Yaak property on Friday morning. I was first to arrive, driving Jer’s work pickup. Absolutely laughed OUT LOUD when I saw what a charming fence / gate that Excavator Bill Garrison gave us!  Look at those monsters . . . and the biggest is beyond the view in this photo.  Bill says it’s worth $500.  — IF anyone is buying landscape rock these days! We worked and laughed, and worked some more . . .  smoothing the area over the septic system . . .  and moving rocks.  LOTS of small rock piles are now tossed into the big fence.  More to do, though!  Then, a ‘well witcher’ came by and we found water where we wanted it.  Marked 3 spots.  GEE!  It’s weird how those willow branches absolutely turn on their own . . . .  truly!  She brought lots of branches and Jer & I both ‘witched’ along with her.  Plus, a long branch from a Dogwood that told us the water is 46 feet deep.  We’ll check the truth of that when the well driller comes. . .

Heading to Kalispell early tomorrow.  Jer’s Mom is having hip / leg pains.  We’ve been trying to get her to a Doc for over a month.  She finally hurts enough (!) that she’s willing to go . . . .lordy, please don’t ever let Jery be that stubborn..