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November is Quilt Retreat month!

I’m in the 3 days between two fabulous quilt retreats!   Now — this is definitely how to live! This past weekend was the Cranbrook, BC group at Bull River Guest Ranch. About 4 retreats ago, a couple of us were invited to join them, and thankfully now we’re considered ‘regulars’. The gals are super, and Chef CJ is incredible. Thought you’d like to see a sampling! On Thursday  (10th) I head to Salmon Lake, near Seeley Lake, MT, to join friends from Helena as they retreat and stitch at the island resort.  I’m busy getting my cutting taken care of —  my table height and light are superior to those at retreats!  These are both pure pleasure outings.  I’ll return on Sunday in time to fix a birthday dinner for Jery.

Then – to add to the week’s ‘fun’, the well driller called today.  He’s drilling at the Yaak property tomorrow, so we’re out of here early to see how that goes.

It’s ALL so exciting!!