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What happened to this past month?

Last Monday I helped my 91 year old Mother with her Annual Christmas Bridge Party. My part was making the dessert (aren’t they fun!) and offering a ride to one lady. What an elegant gathering! I hope I look ‘that’ good when I’m 90!

Other happenings here include daily visits to the care center in Eureka to visit Jery’s Mom.  She had some pins placed in her hip in early Oct.  The healing has been S-L-O-W   to the extreme.  She’s still there, and chomping at the bit to go home, but not really strong enough to do so.  If she would broaden her perspective and agree to daily help, I think she could go soon.

Add Christmas preparations to the mix, some stitching, writing, and strapping on the snowshoes when there’s enough snow . . . . .