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Hank + Day 10!

Here’s HANK! He came to live with us on the eve of Jan 17th — the shelter guessed he was then 10 weeks old. If so, sort of small. BUT – he’s making up / catching up / gaining by leaps and bounds! So many things to learn when you are a new kitten in a household. Toby did the expected eye roll, and we discovered that Hank had probably NEVER heard the word ‘NO’ before. 10 days later, he definitely understands ‘NO’ though loves to challenge it.  One of his favorite tricks is to bounce across the forbidden furniture en route to a different place on the floor. . . .  Hank is really very sweet.  Loves people, and will follow us all over the house.  His ‘rooms’ are the pattern company office / shipping room.  Nothing he can really hurt in there, and a solid door to contain him at night, etc.  This Pic was taken just as he was awakened from his afternoon nap, and he promptly went back to sleep.  This is a LONG nap today, so he’ll probably really be ‘full of it’ shortly!  Hank will stay indoors until he’s big enough to be somewhat safe from the Osprey, Owls, and Eagles . . . a few months.  Then, we’ll show him the wood piles and all the small wildlife that lives there.  He’s SO curious, I suspect he’ll be delighted.

Mother’s New Home

When we visited this past Friday, I snapped this of Mother in her new apartment. In the lower right corner, you’ll catch a glimpse of Miss Kitty – snoozing, as usual.

Jery’s Mom isn’t healing – sadly.  She is at home, with help coming in once a day.  She gets around – gingerly – with a walker.  Doc says the blood flow in her hip bone isn’t happening.  The only ‘fix’ is a hip replacement.  Mary says NO.  She is happy to be home.

And – we’re happy to be home and back to a more normal routine.

January — already!

Finally a breather to fill you in on all the nonsense (?) at this end! MOMS. First, Mary (MIL recovering from Oct hip surgery)  is home, and her helper is probably checking on her for an hour or two twice a day. We know she’ll call Jery when Mary runs her off . Since we haven’t had that call yet . . . . .

My Mother is safely tucked in her new apartment and feeling secure (3rd floor – no boogy man can get her). She’s met nice and interesting people at lunch & dinner, and thinks the recreation director is a good and busy gal. Once we get past the settling in process, she & Miss Kitty will feel right at home there.

Our plans are to go again on Friday, though weather may change our minds. We got about 5″ of fluffy white stuff today, and expect freezing rain tomorrow. Should that REALLY happen, we’ll not skate to Kalispell on Friday and go early next week instead.

Finished a quilt for QUILT Magazine today. Slowly mopping through all the catch up. Being gone a week – last week – moving Mother, certainly changed a time line or two here!

I’ve volunteered to do a marketing study here in Eureka about the Sr. housing situation. So, plan to get my game plan in place, and hopefully begin in Feb.

Also have the August quilt show’s web page back in somewhat order. The local server changed servers and lost all the updates! ARGH!  You might want to make plans to visit NW Montana on August 6th . . . . .

Not much exciting at this end. Jery will start on the cabin ‘wall’ drawings hopefully next week, and we’ll be in the next step toward the Yaak Cabin . . . . .