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North Fork Quilts

This is the new NORTH FORK quilt – one of two – also for the Yaak Cabin. It’s a pattern – a companion piece to the Yaak River Cabin pattern – and they are off to be quilted.
In the meantime, it’s REALLY cold here. It snows and then the temps drop, drop, drop. Though this coming week is slated to have even more snow, and normal temps. Maybe it will be warm enough to enjoy. Driving around town – no snowmen. LOTS of snow. Just too cold to play in it.
Hank is adjusting well. While he still does some things which are no-no’s, mostly he’s a good boy. He’s growing rapidly, though still small. He must have been the runt of the litter. He’s bright and wiry, and exhibiting all the best stuff of a cat. Definitely fitting in here!

Hank is in DEEP Doo Doo

How could any thing that looks this sweet . . . . . . . . he’s been SO good for the past couple of days – staying on the floor where he belongs. This afternoon he wasn’t so good. Managed to jump way up to the top of our antique secretary. Then bumped Jery’s charming old upright clock. I heard the crash. Clock parts re-arranged, some no longer attached to the clock, glass broken. He’s really in the Kitty Dog House right now.