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A snowy day in the Yaak

Jery & I went to the Yaak yesterday to meet with the electrician and a neighbor — topic being the power set-up for our off-grid cabin. We both learned a great deal, and it sent me home thinking about how to ‘light’ the place easily, and sometimes without using power. AHA! Kerosene lamps. Went to the alladdin lamp web page last night, and they have a GORGEOUS cobalt blue lamp . . . . Also went looking for light fixtures that would accommodate those cute new squiggly fluorescent light bulbs and found LOTS of pricey fixtures AND finally some that are affordable.
Back to the Yaak. There was certainly LOTS of snow on the ground. Probably about 18″ of compressed snow remains on our property. Rain yesterday undoubtedly settled it down a bit more.
It was a fabulous day . . . I think we’re both anxious to get it in gear!