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TRUSSES – and other updates

Jery & I are just back from the Truss Company, where they are busy building OUR trusses for the Yaak Cabin. I’d never watched this process before – WOW! They have quite a plan to follow. This is the longest Truss — at one end of the Triangle.

REALLY anxious for all the snow and moisture to disappear so we can begin. It’s looking like June — there’s been SO MUCH moisture this winter.

Other news – my Mother is moving into her One bedroom apt (out of the Studio) on the 14th. She is SO excited . . . . That also means we’ll have the rest of her stuff moved, unpacked, etc. late next week. All those fancy. pretty dishes!

Weather permitting, we’ll have her ‘sale’ the following weekend.

I head back to Bull River tomorrow for a sewing weekend with Barb. Remember? This is the place with the incredible food! My tummy says ‘YEA’