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The 200% of normal snowpack is melting! This is the river at our cabin property. It’s easily twice as wide as normal, flowing rapidly. We know the bridge is damaged, and it has caught lots of debris — possibly beaver dam leftovers!
I’ve been at Quilt Market and just returned home yesterday. Jery has been working on the cabin. Stem walls are poured. He goes back today, and I’ll run over for a couple of days tomorrow, before heading off to visit both of my children plus attend a reunion in my home town.

About to Begin

A week ago we positioned the cabin – see the orange lines! The digging will begin on Monday. We’ve been waiting for the end of ‘break up’ so the county roads will allow the concrete trucks. That is supposed to end on Wed or Thurs of this week, so DIG! Probably two days to dig because of the boulders. Our boulder fence will grow, undoubtedly. Then Jason will form the footings and pour them on Thurs or Fri. Then foundation walls!! The flooring system is ordered, and it’ll be delivered sometime early the following week. Outer walls will be built in our local wall plant. Good Golly! It’s exciting.

Wouldn’t you know – I’m off to Quilt Market and will totally miss some of this fun.  You can see progress at  (dig photos may have to wait until after quilt market)

Mother’s sale was successful.  We have the house empty and cleaned.  Will polish the wood floors and cabinets tomorrow morning before taking the Moms to Mother’s Day brunch.  After interviewing a handful of potential renters we decided to list it instead.  It’s really very nice and has numerous improvements & upgrades.  I hope it sees some activity, and a buyer!