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NEW Solution to a Problem

First – the Problem.  Spam messages have become an ‘issue’, so . . .  should you wish to comment (and it’s always terrific to hear from my friends) you know how to send an email.

Second – This post gave me an opportunity to show you the cabin interior with all the elec and plumbing roughed in.  And — the opportunity to share a Hank (kitten) story.  We started taking Hank with us two trips ago.  I bought a small harness and we rigged it so he had about 20 feet in which to get properly tangled before we had to come to his rescue.  Actually, each entanglement showed us how far we needed to move the 5 gal water jug he was tethered to – to avoid future tangles!  That’s all because cats don’t generally move easily — they need to be confined long enough to realize it’s a new home, etc.  Each night we put Hank, his litter box, food and water in the back of the enclosed pickup, so he’d be safe.  Well . . . last week Jery decided that the poor baby was a bit too confined, and suggested that we lock him in the cabin overnight, with all his gear.  Sounded good to me.  I figured he’d appreciate 1000 sq ft vs. the back of the pick-up.  Tuesday night we tried that.  Wed morning – early – like 5-ish- Jer stepped out of our camp trailer, and then came back in saying ‘cat’s out’.  Hank had somehow managed to get up in the rafters, then out over the top because the soffit isn’t there yet, and then dropped the 9′ to the ground.  Therefore, Hank is now ‘out’ for the night – each night.  He’s apparently being 100% cat, prowling most of the night, because his daytime naps are MUCH longer.  He’s taken charge 😉 of his destiny!

Our days (and nights) are mostly at the Yaak — working on the cabin. We’re ‘roughed in’ with plumbing and electric, and about to insulate before dry wall (only a week away!)

Sadly, I’m getting way too much spam at this blog . . . . please use our web page and follow the links to the cabin to see what’s up here.  I think I’ll need to end the blog because of spam.   sigh.