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Oh, my gosh!

Whatever have I done — not visiting with you since June. That’s terrible, and I apologize. I see that I last posted a Yaak Cabin construction photo . . . and that did really consume our summer.
Jery & I ‘moved in’ to the cabin in mid-August. While the inside was mostly done, there was still siding, 2 porches, a shed for the generator, etc – plus landscaping (??) to be done. Then we had more fallen trees to round up and burn, others that had dried after being hauled off the bridge debris, to be cut in lengths the tractor could handle – and bring home. Those are now chopped and split in our our winter woodshed.

We had TWO quilting retreats, and tested the process. All went quite well, so we’re ready for the ‘real’ retreats I’m hosting. I’m enjoying a winter of studying recipes to find the most delicious meals to serve our guests. Getting a good supply of those! (and learning which to NOT make again, too).

We came home – and home will remain in Eureka – in mid November, about the time the snow was beginning.  The pass which is the short route from the Yaak to Eureka was already closed, and our final trips were the 3-1/2 hour long way around.

Other BIG NEWS of the summer is a fabric collection proposal I made to Benartex, and they accepted.  The collection was completed by the end of November, and the designs are off for engraving.  It will be released at Market in May.  I’m not at liberty to discuss the specific details quite yet, though I can tell you that it is ‘pretty’ and the colors are clear, of course.

December has been mostly computer time – designing patterns to use with the new fabrics, as well as a new BOM, which I think is really gorgeous!  In due time, I’ll be able to share it all with you.

I’m working on another fabric proposal.  It really takes a long time.  The one from this past summer was mostly done in the Yaak – on the laptop, on batteries.  Batteries would run down, and I’d cover it with a towel to keep the sawdust out and plug it into the generator Jery was running to power his tools – to recharge.  Crazy, though it did provide me with ‘thinking’ time.  The Yaak cabin is ‘off the grid’ though now has it’s own power supply – that wasn’t there when I had the collection to design.  This new proposal is working easier because I’m home with my 2-screen setup, plenty of power, and time to draw, re-draw, and then draw it again and again with a mouse instead of a touch pad.  LOL.  Even with all those comforts, it stretches my imagination and some days causes wandering and muttering.

So – here it is, the last day of 2011.  I have a snazzy Poached Pear dessert to prepare and friends coming to help us enjoy it and a glass of wine this eve.

Happy New Year!