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March 24, 2012

In NW Montana I’m not quite certain it really IS Spring. Not only have we had a weird weather winter, as it moved into March, the weirdness seemed to increase. Typically March is our wettest month, and this year seems to be no exception. On Thursday 3/22, we woke to 5″ of fresh snow. By 2 in the afternoon that day, it was all gone — soaked in. 2″ more on Friday morning which also disappeared quickly. As I look across the valley this morning, I can tell it’s snowing on ‘yonder’ hill, though not here.

All this weather info to let you know that Jery & I are probably a bit ‘bonkers’. We are heading to our Yaak Cabin pre-dawn tomorrow. It’s 1000 ft higher there and they do have snow on the ground. In the summer it’s only 45 miles from door to door. Not now, though. There’s an un-maintained pass on the forest service road which is our summer quick route. So, tomorrow we’ll drive 150 miles to reach the cabin . . . . with 2 vehicles. Jer will have the batteries (we’re off grid there and the batteries have been home in a warm place for the winter) and all the stuff that can get wet in transit . . . including the new cat house, special for Hank. 2 coolers of cold food. Snow shovel . . . . . and pup Toby.

In my wagon I’ll have Hank (he travels SO well – just open the door on the carrier and he walks right in), our clothes and this pile of stuff, all collected and ready to go . . .