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August 23, 2012

FedEx (don’t you just LOVE that driver!) arrived yesterday with goodies! This is a new collection from Benartex called Somerset. Obviously, I’m about to begin stitching.

I head back to the Yaak Cabin today with special company — my cousin and her daughter from Huntsville and my Mother — for 4 nights. Then . . . yum, yum — I’ll be stitching next week!

August 18, 2012

Some days you just MUST get in and go for it! Actually – this was last weekend in the Yaak. I’ve been anxiously waiting since the heavy spring runoff for the river to get low enough that we could pull the logs that were jammed against the bridge – – -. What fun! Though when we stopped at noon for lunch my toes were SO cold I was walking barefoot on the hot concrete patio at the cabin trying to defrost them! Jery had the wench attached to his trailer. The process was to slip a choker over the end of a log, then get sort of out of the way as he started dragging it out.  Prior to this really fun day, I’d cleaned as much of the debris as I could by reaching from the bridge.  This third pic is what we started with. Now, it’s all gone — big logs pulled out and drying in the sun for possible campfire wood next year. Then there were more smaller ‘foundation ‘logs’ (buried totally and completely water logged) that I got to pull out and toss on shore — they wouldn’t float on downstream!

Gotta admit –  it was a GREAT FUN day.  In the top photo – I’m standing on a large rock on the river bottom.  It’s really slippery —  slimy moss all over the rocks on the bottom.  They trick is to not land on your butt —  as that’s a total soaker!