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October 9, 2012

What EVER happened to September — other than racking up another complete year of my life ? YIKES! The days seem to simply roll by.

I did a bit of stitching with the new Somerset collection of fabrics from Benartex.  This is Crowning Glory.  Also did a remake of Trellis.  And a couple of new designs — a feww download pattern Benartex, and a charming easy one for McCall’s Quick Quilts.  Quilted all 4 myself —  honestly not my favorite activity.  I LOVE the designing and the piecing, though know they need to be sandwiched and finished . . . . .

Heading to the Yaak this weekend with 4 fabulous women — the members of the Outdoor Quilt Show steering committee.  We’ll be mighty cozy.  The cabin is quite comfy for 4 people, but we’ll be 5 – and tucked in snugly.

Jery has lots of the dead stuff from the forest floor in good piles / collections.  Fall burning season is a couple of weeks away.  Once it’s safe, we’ll both be there working the controlled burns.

In addition to the Somerset stitching, I’m beginning to play with quilt designs using my new collection that will be out in May.  This is INCREDIBLE !  I have the digital files for some of it already – think the rest of the files will arrive later this week.  That means I have 5 months to create designs, and then probably about 2 months for stitching.  unheard of!  Now that I’ve teased you a bit —  I just need to ask your indulgence for a wee bit longer before I can begin sharing.

And –  mailing another proposal to Benartex today.  Takes a TON of time to get these ready .  In my head I’m noodling the thoughts for Spring ’14.  Getting it prepared is on the slate for Dec & Jan.

Hopefully this explains some of my silence.  I am trying to be a bit more diligent about posting on the Animas Quilts FB page.   I think what I need to do is set up some alarms on my computer — to remind me.