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November 27, 2012

A year ago October, a new issue of Quilters World (Dec 2011) had just arrived with this charming Pup rug by Gina Gempesaw. I was looking for something to stitch – grabbed some peach and teal batiks along with a creamy background and was off and running. I made FOUR of them — using one to back each of two – turned them like a pillowcase, and had two totally reversible rugs for Toby — one for home and one for the cabin. Before I go further, I’ve found the pattern – if you’d like to order it – on the web at:

So – now I’m back at it – again – only this time I’m making ONE – reversible again – that will finish at about 40″ x 60″ to use on the floor in our bedroom where Toby usually sleeps. I just noticed last week how incredibly darker (dirt that won’t vacuum up!) the carpet is there — all the ground in stuff he carries on his fur. I Added some in-between sized bones as it grew bigger. So – that’s what is presently on my sewing table.  Once it’s done, I’ll try to share a snapshot.

It’s SO nice to have a no-hurry stitching project, that I can jump into for a short time in between all the computer time working on a new fabric collection.

I should mention I’m working on 2014 . . . the new collection for this coming Spring is out for engraving. Still too early for me to share it – but, heads up! it’s coming.  AND – I will share as soon as I can – probably a while, still.

I’m going to try opening comments again.  They had become loaded with spam and ugly stuff – which is why I closed them.  So – we’ll see if the world has shaped up any . . .

November 9,2012

Life is certainly not ALL about quilts . . . . though I know there’s just GOT to be a patchwork idea somewhere in the new bridge at the Yaak cabin. The property came with a delapidated bridge to the other side of the river, where most of our property is. And, the bridge was a major factor in our decision to purchase the land. Each Spring with the runoff, lots of huge trees come floating down the swollen river, and they slam into the support of that old bridge, creating a hefty log jam, and also applying quite a bit of pressure to the bridge’s structure. This past summer it was mid August before the river was low enough to get in and chain the logs to drag them out. All that also means pressure against the bridge for a few months. No wonder it’s been moving! In fact, it had 22″ bend in it, and we suddenly realized that if it crumbled under the weight next year – or the year after (it was coming, for sure!) we’d have to locate all the bridge parts whereever they were downstream and pull them from the water. Could really be expensive –bridge parts scattered along several miles, and some maybe even in the Kootenai.  So — pics here show the old bridge frame after the decking was removed.  It absolutely crumbled in a couple of places.  And then the setting of the new bridge.  It was indeed a show!  Two huge track hoes – they are amazing!   The new bridge is 36″ steel and no center support, meaning we should also not get the Spring runoff log jams.   The bottom photo was taken two days after the top two.  It was Jer’s first trip across the new bridge — to work on one final burn before we locked up and come home for the winter.  BTW – that snow didn’t last, though we know there’s soon more on the way. . .