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January 18

We’re having a really mild Montana winter – so far! As turns out, I’m missing most of outdoor Montana in January because on the 8th I had my left knee replaced. Picture is the charming wrapping while my knee was being exercised in the constant motion machine. Came home on 2nd day and am improving greatly. Have the bend past 90°. The worst is actually the straightening, though that’s working, too. Stitches come out on the 21st, and then PT begins. I hear that separates the women from the girls!

Though one wouldn’t want to be without some stitching . . . Here’s a quilt for an upcoming program that will be introduced in May — VERY exciting!

January 6, 2013

Happy New Year !

Winter is largely about the furry members of our family being indoors MUCH more than in the summer. Hank sometimes goes for the quickie warm up – even when his coat is not cold. Though you can always count on a cat to show the warmest spot in the house! He’s still hunting – we find an occasional trophy, though mostly he’s staying warm. As a result, he’s adding a wee bit of weight, which is good. We worry that an Osprey or Eagle might decide he’s lunch. More bulk will protect him from the overhead grab.

Hank & Toby are back to tussling in the early evening.  I’ve GOT to remember to have a camera in hand – it’s quite a show.  Toby is 65 pounds to Hank’s 10, yet they each seem to understand the difference — and Hank doesn’t use claws.