November 27, 2012

A year ago October, a new issue of Quilters World (Dec 2011) had just arrived with this charming Pup rug by Gina Gempesaw. I was looking for something to stitch – grabbed some peach and teal batiks along with a creamy background and was off and running. I made FOUR of them — using one to back each of two – turned them like a pillowcase, and had two totally reversible rugs for Toby — one for home and one for the cabin. Before I go further, I’ve found the pattern – if you’d like to order it – on the web at:

So – now I’m back at it – again – only this time I’m making ONE – reversible again – that will finish at about 40″ x 60″ to use on the floor in our bedroom where Toby usually sleeps. I just noticed last week how incredibly darker (dirt that won’t vacuum up!) the carpet is there — all the ground in stuff he carries on his fur. I Added some in-between sized bones as it grew bigger. So – that’s what is presently on my sewing table.  Once it’s done, I’ll try to share a snapshot.

It’s SO nice to have a no-hurry stitching project, that I can jump into for a short time in between all the computer time working on a new fabric collection.

I should mention I’m working on 2014 . . . the new collection for this coming Spring is out for engraving. Still too early for me to share it – but, heads up! it’s coming.  AND – I will share as soon as I can – probably a while, still.

I’m going to try opening comments again.  They had become loaded with spam and ugly stuff – which is why I closed them.  So – we’ll see if the world has shaped up any . . .

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