January 6, 2013

Happy New Year !

Winter is largely about the furry members of our family being indoors MUCH more than in the summer. Hank sometimes goes for the quickie warm up – even when his coat is not cold. Though you can always count on a cat to show the warmest spot in the house! He’s still hunting – we find an occasional trophy, though mostly he’s staying warm. As a result, he’s adding a wee bit of weight, which is good. We worry that an Osprey or Eagle might decide he’s lunch. More bulk will protect him from the overhead grab.

Hank & Toby are back to tussling in the early evening.  I’ve GOT to remember to have a camera in hand – it’s quite a show.  Toby is 65 pounds to Hank’s 10, yet they each seem to understand the difference — and Hank doesn’t use claws.

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